a search for inspiration

Design Sherpa, a revolutionary internet marketing service for the home design and remodeling industry , recently announced a “What Inspires You?” contest in search of an individual who embodies design sensibility, expression, and inspiration. The winner of this contest wins a 10-day trip to Paris while blogging about his/her experiences at Maison & Objet as well as $10,000. Thanks to an old co-worker,  I was made known of this contest and decided to enter. This week I was notified that I have been selected as one of the top 100 entrants to move on to Round Two. Yay! I am excited about this potential opportunity and  decided it was worthy of mentioning since it relates directly to what we are trying to do with silo c and the upcoming launch of seven silos. It is my passion to share design and inspiration with all those who come looking for it.

So here’s my first submission. I will post my second submission in August after the deadline and so on until I am no longer in the running! Wish me luck!

FIRST ROUND ENTRY | Image and one hundred word essay on “what inspires you”

It’s all around us.  In every city, every home.

The ordinary.  It lies silently waiting to become more, to become extraordinary.

Big, small.  Old, new.  Natural, artificial.

A constant carousel of possibilities are revealed to us everyday.

Fresh eyes see beyond the ordinary and seize the chance to transform it.

Scotch tape becomes fine art.  A  shopping cart becomes a chair.  A 2-minute car wash becomes a private performance of color and light.

The ordinary made extraordinary refreshes my soul and inspires the fringes of my mind to be more, see more, and seek for more out of life.

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