a fresh re-do of Erin’s living room

My dear friend Erin W has lived in her downtown Tallahassee home for five years and is ready to make her living room the space she’s always wanted it to be.  Currently a collection of various styles and assorted decor, Erin wants a space that captures her personal style while maintaining a comfortable and flexible aesthetic.

Erin’s personal style can be described as simple sophistication. She loves J Crew for it’s fresh colors and luscious textures. I took this into consideration when developing the concept for her new fabulous space.

The goals of Erin’s room were:

1 | Make the space light, bright, and modern

2 | Make the space clean and tidy

3 | Create visual focus and organization

Check out the BEFORE photos and Design Concept details below. Alternative color schemes, product suggestions, and an implementation plan for making it all a reality are included in her design guide downloadable below.

I can’t wait to see what she decides to do with her space and will post pictures as soon as her transformation is complete!

Current space

wall 1 | BEFORE

wall 2 | BEFORE

wall 3 | BEFORE

wall 4 | BEFORE

Design Concept

design concept | floor plan

design concept | rendering 1

design concept | rendering 2

design concept | rendering 3

Design Guide for Erin | table of contents

Download complete Design Guide (low res)

recommended color schemes

product guide

do-it-yourself custom art concept

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