love in an unexpected logo

Yes it’s true… our wedding graphics were based around a trucker cap, but NO this does not make us rednecks. Here’s the scoop…

About a year ago, Zach stumbled across his favorite hat of all time – the vintage Crown Gasoline cap picture below. He wears it everywhere and we even already have a back-up in case something were to happen to this one.

THE crown cap

While we were dating, the hat became a big part of our story… lots of inside jokes that would be too time consuming to tell in a post, but were significant enough that I had photos taken for Zach of me wearing the cap. (Rebecca Hood of Kallima Photography)

photo for Zach

Fast-forward a few months. We got engaged and selected the King Plow Arts Center as our wedding venue. As a 100+ year old factory renovated into a contemporary art gallery, this space beautifully captured our complex histories and personalities.

King Plow Arts Center | Atlanta, GA

interior of King Plow | our wedding ceremony

When Zach and I began wedding planning/event designing, we really wanted our graphics to blend our character with King Plow’s. We decided to use the crown symbol as our main graphic for the wedding and added texture to reflect the urban decay of the venue. This detail paired with the clean and minimal typography provided a strong representation of us and the overall aesthetic we wanted for our wedding.

The invitation, info card, and RSVP were presented in a 5″ x 5″ grey pocket-fold enclosure inside a white envelope. Due to its luxurious texture and sophistication, we decided to use letterpress printing (a vintage style of relief printing) to implement our designs.

Letterpress printing was done by Caron of Chatham & Caron

invitation enclosure + envelope

open enclosure with invitation, info card + RSVP


the crown cap, with us till the end!

For more photos of the printed graphics, please see our Graphics portfolio.

If you are interested  in save-the-dates, invitations, and other event-based graphics, please contact us at We’d love to work with you!

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