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Tom Peters "Design" | recommended reading

For all you new entrepreneurs out there or small business owners, this is a must read if you want to find lasting success in our competitive, consumer economy. Tom Peters, best known for his “In Search of Excellence” series, is an impassioned writer on the practices of business management. Tom’s 2005 “Essentials” series includes this little jewel of a book, “Design,” that I was given while working at Gensler. (Tricia… I think it was you. I am eternally grateful and indebted to you for this.)

Anyways, the book is transformational for those out there looking (or needing!) to reinvent their business and exposes how good companies become GREAT ones. The secret?  They embrace design in all facets of business (and life), sell experiences over products and services, and find ways of exploiting their desirable difference in the marketplace. I encourage all our clients to read this prior to our discussions because believing in effective branding MUST start at the top (with you Mr. Business-owner) and encompass every aspect of an enterprise.

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