a place for candles and cords

Furniture design is something I have begun to dabble in since moving back to Florida. I am fortunate to have two wonderful parents who know how to build furniture (or are willing to work with my drawings to figure it out!).

I recently designed an entertainment center called “the candleplace” for our living room. We needed something that looked modern and interesting while housing our electronics and concealing the wiring to our wall-mounted flat panel tv.

This modern and unexpected “candleplace” achieves all our functional goals while aesthetically referencing the scale and components of a traditional fireplace.

The “hearth” component, or base of the unit, creates all the storage space and utilizes a frameless, magnetic door. There is also an open cube on one end for DVD storage.


side storage

As a way to simulate a fireplace look and feel without an actual fire, candles, sand, and branches were incorporated in glass vases.


I am really happy with how it turned out and how it compliments the rest of our living area.

    • Allyson Thompson
    • September 27th, 2010

    Yeah, its awesome! So how do you conceal cords in other places? Because my t.v and computer have a ton of cords and I try to hide them, but most of the time, I fail. Any suggestions?

    • Ally,
      Yeah, there are other solutions. It just depends on the application. Is all your equipment together or in different rooms? Send me a pic and Ill give you a suggestion.

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