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simple set

I am super pleased with how the latest worship set at the Beachside Church turned out! It accomplished our three primary objectives:

  • simple
  • inexpensive (under $500.00)
  • and high impact

It’s hard to tell in still photos, but the pendant fixtures appear to change colors during the worship set. (See pic below for one of the alternate color schemes.)

(Sorry there are no good photos during one of the services. I had to take these during rehearsal since I was working in the production booth.)

The set is comprised of 5 large pendant fixtures complete with unique paper shades. The fixture, designed by Marcus Arvonen of Sweden, is inspired by the textured florets of a dandelion.

Lighting design and technical execution was completed by Preston Dantoni, another staff member at the Beachside Church. Thanks Preston for riggin up all the cans and spots!

Here are a few action shots of Zach leading on stage…

I think my favorite part about this set beyond the whimsical nature of it is it’s overall consistency. No matter what happens on the stage, the overall look of the set remains uninterrupted for everyone in the room no matter where you sit. Everyone gets to experience the ambiance and changing dynamics. I love it and can’t wait to see how it evolves for the Christmas set!


sleep in on sunday

Last Sunday, The Beachside Church launched all new service times as well as a new Saturday service. There are now six opportunities to participate in worship, two on Saturday and four on Sunday.

This exterior street signage posted along the Granada bridge advertises the new Saturday service times. Hopefully this additional service will help free up some seats on Sunday for guests and visitors. All in all, we are thrilled to see the community growing and blessings on this ministry!

a fresh start for Radiant Health

We are so excited for our friend Brandon LaVelle and the launch of his new chiropractic business, Radiant Health.  Needless to say we were thrilled when Brandon approached us to develop the new graphics and visual identity for the business.


exterior signage held by Brandon Lavelle, D.C.


Hooray for a happy customer!

If you are in the greater Daytona Beach area and interested in chiropractic care, please check out Radiant Health!

Graphic design services by Silo C included:

  • logo development
  • business card
  • exterior signage

Thank you Brandon for letting us be apart of such an exciting time in your life! Best of luck with the business!