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clean, contemporary, coastal  renovation

As we began to plan for our new life at the beach, finding the right house took center stage. We really wanted our home to not only be a retreat for us, but a place we can use for ministry and entertaining. This 1950’s single-story riverside home had tons of potential including wood floors, a deep front porch, and tons of daylight streaming in from every direction. The house demanded a lot of quality TLC (see before photos) since little had been done since the original construction. With some fresh furnishings, a good bit of paint, and a lot of elbow grease this empty shell has become quite our little jewel.

Our goals were to make it clean, modern, and luxurious for as little money as possible. I am a firm believer that with a lot of determination you can create a custom-looking space with off-the-shelf resources (hopefully products on sale!).

Highlights of the house include: a painted piano, raw wood dining table, refinished linoleum floor, extreme bathroom makeovers

Product resources include: Crate & Barrel, CB2, WestElm, InterfaceFlor, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, ByDesign, Ikea, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Lowes

Living + Dining | AFTER

Living + Dining | BEFORE

secondary seating area | AFTER

secondary seating area | BEFORE

living area | AFTER

living area | BEFORE

dining | AFTER

office | AFTER

office | BEFORE

breakfast nook | AFTER

breakfast nook | BEFORE

bathroom | AFTER

bathroom | BEFORE

bathroom storage | AFTER

bathroom storage | BEFORE

bathroom corridor | AFTER

bathroom corridor | BEFORE

bathroom vanity | AFTER

bathroom vanity | BEFORE

hallway | AFTER

hallway | BEFORE

bedroom 1 | AFTER

bedroom 1 | BEFORE

bedroom 1, second view | AFTER

bedroom 1, second view | BEFORE

second bathroom | AFTER

second bathroom | BEFORE

second bathroom, second view | AFTER

hallway, second view | AFTER

bedroom 2 | AFTER

bedroom 2, second view | AFTER

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